Teacher Leadership and Compensation Plan

  • Alta CSD and Aurelia CSD have partnered together to create the Alta-Aurelia Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC) System.  In the files section of this page you will find the Iowa Department of Education approved TLC plan for 2016-17. This will give detailed information on Alta-Aurelia's TLC System.  For additional information from the Iowa Department of Education on the Teacher Leadership and Compensation Systems click HERE

    Alta-Aurelia TLC System's Theory of Action:

    “If we effectively compensate teacher; recruit and promote excellent teachers and provide support as they collaborate reflectively to refine their practice; create the political will and understanding necessary to remake the status of the teaching profession; give highly effective teachers opportunities to grow, refine, and share their expertise; and develop a clear system with quality implementation, then... student learning will increase, student outcomes will improve, and students will be prepared to succeed in a globally competitive environment”

    The Vision for Alta­-Aurelia's TLC System:

    To increase teacher collaboration, job embedded on­ going professional development, dedicated team time, increase team teaching and cross curricular teaching/learning, improved student achievement, improved teaching strategies, peer-coaching focused on teaching/learning, teachers and teacher leaders working together to implement the current best instructional practices, all to improve student achievement.

    Teacher Leadership position in the Alta-Aurelia TLC system:

    Professional Development Leader
    Curriculum Development Leader
    Literacy Instructional Coach
    Mathematics Instructional Coach
    Technology Integrationist
    Professional Learning Committee Leader
    Teacher Mentor

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